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Leonie has been an obsessive creative since she graduated with a first in graphic design in 2007.

Full time creative  -  Leonie is a full time creative, and uses her time to explore her craft with both commercial and non-commercial projects.

COMMERCIAL ILLUSTRATION - Working with a range of clients, from greetings card company Bookblock to charity Ovarian Cancer Action, Leonie helps to realise briefs in a range of illustration styles.

FINE ART - Commissions have led to a series of photorealistic wildlife watercolour paintings, which are available for purchase as prints on her shop. Leonie is also currently working with The Auction Collective to sell prints of her set design work.

HER BRAND - In 2017 Leonie created Wobbly Men, a bold and eccentric pattern of wobbly wavy men. Starting with high quality notebooks, over time she hopes to broaden the product range.

PHOTOGRAPHY - Travelling the world, Leonie is working on a series of dam photographs, which she hopes to exhibit one day. Head to Instagram for work in progress shots. 

SET DESIGN - Assisting professional set designers Rachel Thomas and Gemma Tickle, Leonie has helped to concept and create work for Hermes, Cadburys, Wonderland and John Lewis. A growing interest in the three-dimensional world also led to independent projects for Granta and Woolmark.

GRAPHIC DESIGN  -  Leonie previously worked for over 10 years at digital agency Distilled, where she is responsible for a range of creative campaigns including tools, games, video, PR stunts and photo story content. Clients include Staples, Bloomingdales, The Trainline, GoCompare, Macy's, YOOX, Interflora and Bridgestone. Through this work, Leonie has developed a reputation for bringing content to life through her illustration style. Her time at Distilled was split between idea generation, design and production.

Leonie lives and works in London.