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Leonie has been an obsessive creative since she graduated in graphic design in 2007.

The day job  -  Since joining digital agency Distilled in 2007, Leonie has been responsible for a range of creative campaigns including tools, games, video and photo story content. Clients include Staples, Bloomingdales, Trainline, GoCompare, Macy's, London Theatre, Interflora and Bridgestone. Through this work, Leonie has developed a reputation for bringing content to life through her illustration style. Leonie splits her time at Distilled between idea generation and production.

The bit on the side  -  Leonie is a full time artist, and uses her spare time to explore her craft and work on personal and freelance projects.

ILLUSTRATION: At the moment, Leonie is exploring illustration styles through a series of bird portraits. Leonie also takes on commercial freelance Illustration commissions.

PHOTOGRAPHY - a lover of street and portraiture photography, Leonie is currently working on a project called Listeners of London, which documents Londoners and allows you to play what they are listening to. The site is due to launch later this year.

SET DESIGN: Assisting professional set designers, Leonie has helped to concept and create work for Hermes, Cadburys, Wonderland and John Lewis. A growing interest in the three-dimensional world also led to independent projects for Granta and Woolmark.

Leonie lives and works in London.